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Why Choose LevArt

Unique Itinerary

The tours we designed include grand overland journeys, free & easy backpack tours, thematic tours, and adventure activities.

Responsible Tourism

We promote caring for the environment, respect local cultures, conservation of heritage, connecting with locals on equal ground; be a civilized traveler.

Free & Easy

We are different from conventional travel agency, our tours offer flexibility and stress on learning experiences. Let’s enjoy free spirited journey.


Experienced Traveler

Our team leaders are avid travelers, having visited four corners of the world and open-minded. We enjoy solo-travel and community living too.


Based on our vast travel experiences, we know how to resolve and overcome challenges on the road. We are by your side to provide guidance to ensure a smooth journey.

Travel Buddy

We are team leaders, but we are also your travel buddies. We share the process of enjoyment, learning, and growing together. We are not “nanny”, we are your companion on the road.

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