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LevArt Story: The Art of Leaving

Travel, if spelled reverse would be levArt, that’s where our name came from. We think of traveling as an art of leaving (hence, LevArt is pronounced as leave-art). Whether you are embarking on a journey or going home, both acts involve leaving behind someone or something as you bid farewell, but each farewell comes with a wealth of experiences and fond memories.

LevArt is founded by Lam Yuet, who is passionate about traveling. Her vast travel experiences included a two-year overland journey through Asia-Europe continents. Her travelogues appear in newspapers and magazines in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China. She also has four books under her belt, and keeps up a travel blog. Her writings attracted a group of followers, who often enquire about travel tips and advices. Through readers’ feedbacks, she realized many people are keen to visit off-the-beaten-track destinations, but lack the know-how, information, or courage to hit the road alone. In response, she organized a trial tour in 2009 for interested readers, and they embarked on an adventurous safari trip into the steppes of Mongolia.

In 2010, LevArt was formally incepted. Initially, Lam Yuet was its sole tour planner, and LevArt only offered limited travel routes. But due to encouraging responses, LevArt slowly refined its travel plans and routes. Eventually, from a one-woman operation, LevArt evolves into a team comprises of like-minded and experienced travelers. The team enjoys tour planning as a way of life, not just as a job. The team is looking forward to each new journey as much as other tour members do. We harbor the same excitements and anticipations like any other first time traveler, as we believe each journey is unique, each trip brings about new discoveries, and each travel enhances understanding of the cultures surrounding us.

The LevArt team is passionate about traveling, sharing, and learning. If you are like-minded people, you are welcomed to join us, and get ready to experience the art of leaving.

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