LevArt Foot Print

LevArt Foot Print
Since 2010, LevArt has organized various exciting tours, some to off-the-beaten track destinations, while some with thematic activities. We had done cycling trips in Holland and Taiwan, trekking in Nepal, horseback riding in Central Asia, journeying through Russia with the world’s longest railway Trans-Siberia train, and Northern Lights hunting in Norway. Our tours covered some of the less travelled destinations, such as Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Bhutan, and Tunisia.

Our Team

Lam Yuet

Lam Yuet is an avid traveler, leaving her trails in four continents of the world. She had once spent two years making an Asia-Europe overland journey. Her tales from the road have been published under three titles – The Grand Overland Voyage, A State Called Home, and My Private Map. She was a feature journalist, specialized in travel writing. As her former job involved lots of oversea assignments, she had experienced luxurious business tour as well as travel on a shoestring. Backpacking is still her preferred choice.

Lam Li

A passionate globetrotter, Lam Li once spent two years on an overland journey from Asia to Europe, and another half a year tramping along the ancient Silk Road in Central Asia. A former journalist, Lam Li is keen on collecting local tales while on the road, and she strives to understand the social and political fabrics of places she visited. She has lived and worked in Beijing for six years, and has published a book in Chinese entitled "The Wall Street Diary: US under Financial Storm" . She has also recorded her travelogue on film, and directed a feature-length documentary named "Surviving Beijing".

Kae Chong

Kae is passionate about music, photography, and travel. Composing music aside, Kae also makes a living out of filming weddings and events; whereas travel, is his on-going “career”. He once made a non-stop journey for more than half a year in Asian countries. He is infatuated with high-altitude places, making frequent trips to plateaus and mountains. In recent years, he has developed a keen interest in cycling, he now dreams of traveling around the world on two wheels. Be it journeying on foot or on wheels, he believes places must be experienced first-hand to gain insights.

Seng Kit

An office executive turned freelancer, to save himself the troubles of repeatedly quitting steady jobs to hit the road. He’s now into multimedia design and photography. But what he likes most is traveling and sharing travel experiences, his travelogues and photos from the journeys appear regularly in Malaysian newspapers and magazines. He’s also an active blogger, as he believes travel is all about communicating with others, and experience sharing is an essential process.

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