Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Registration Concerns

  1. Is LevArt tour right for me?LevArt welcomes people who are open-minded, willing to face challenges (and sometimes hardships) with a positive attitude, always ready to reach out for communication (with others, including strangers), value teamwork and team spirit, and flexible about unexpected turns of events. Prior to signing-up, please read through “About LevArt” carefully and understand who we are, what we do, and whom do we cater for, to decide if you are agreeable to our travel concept.
  2. Is there an age limit to participate?Age limit is not based on how old you are, but more importantly is your psychological age and health status. LevArt tours are mainly designed for the age group between 18-45, but we are not discriminating or ruling out older travelers. However, most of our tours are adventure based, include activities like hiking, horse riding, and long drive through rugged terrains, etc. Thus, these tours demand a certain level of physical fitness, stamina, alertness, and sensibility. Hence, regardless of how old you are, before signing-up, please assess your fitness and health status to ensure you could cope with the outdoor activities listed in the itinerary. In addition, most tours take place in remote/ less developed destinations, sometimes the environment is harsh and lacking in amenities; hence, our tours are not opened to children under the age of 12. For the underage (below 18) to join, parents' consent or guardian needed.
  3. I have no other companion to join the tour, can I sign-up alone?LevArt welcomes people to sign-up alone; rather than dragging along friends who are not compatible in travel-style, it is better to meet other like-minded “strangers” turned travel buddies during the tour. Regardless if you sign-up alone, or in a group of three (or other odd numbers), there’s always a bed ready for you, we’ll pair you up for room-sharing. The tour fee is the same per pax for member who sign-up alone or as couple or in group; there’s no single-surcharge.
  4. I am a foreigner (non-Malaysian), am I eligible to sign-up?In the past, many Singaporeans (and a few other nationalities) have participated in LevArt tours. We welcome people of different origins.
  5. I am based abroad (outside Malaysia), can I fly to the tour destination country on my own, and meet up with the group at the starting point of the tour?Regardless if you are Malaysian working abroad, or foreigner based abroad, you have the option to make self-arrangement for flight to reach the destination country. We will keep you informed of the designated hotel's name/ add/ contact at the port of arrival, and you could meet the remaining group members on location. If the tour fee inclusive of flight charges, we shall deduct the charges (based on LevArt's flight costing) from the tour fee.
  6. Does the tour include travel insurance?The tour fee is inclusive of group travel insurance coverage, provided that the tour member is based in Malaysia (native citizen or foreigner, who lives or works in the country), and the point of embarkation and return must be in Malaysia. However, we could not provide insurance coverage for those based in other countries, and opt to fly to destination on their own from a third country. This is because travel insurance premium, coverage, claims, etc, are locality based. For those based outside of Malaysia, please arrange for travel insurance on your own, and LevArt shall deduct the insurance charges (based on LevArt's costing) from the tour fee.
  7. What are inclusive in the tour fee, and what are excluded?Please refer to the “Terms & Conditions” applied on each tour on the respective itinerary webpage. The tour fee, what’s included, what’s excluded, payment term, etc, are all listed clearly on respective itinerary page.

Registration Procedure

  1. How do I register/ book a tour with LevArt?Please email us at, and state clearly which tour you are interested in, provide your full name as stated in the passport, gender, and contact number. Upon receiving your email, we’ll follow-up with further instructions for registration.
  2. How do I pay deposit/ tour fee to secure my booking?Once you have confirmed you interest in signing-up for a tour, we’ll email the details of our banking account to you. You shall place the required deposit into the bank account provided, and email us the bank-in slip for reference. Upon receiving the deposit, we shall acknowledge via email to confirm receipt and your booking.

Post-Registration Concerns

  1. When do I know for sure if the tour I signed-up for is confirmed to depart as scheduled?A LevArt tour shall be confirmed “ON” and depart as scheduled when a minimum number of 10 participants sign-up for it. If by registration deadline (usually two months ahead of departure date), we failed to recruit the minimum pax, the tour shall be cancelled and the deposit paid shall be refunded. We will keep members who’ve booked a tour informed of the tour status timely. The latest, by two or three days after the registration deadline, you’ll be notified if the tour is ON or Cancelled.
  2. What shall I prepare/ bring for the tour?Prior to departure (usually one-month before the trip), LevArt will send each tour member a preparation checklist via email. The document contains basic facts and info about the destination (weather condition, money matters, local food, local taboos, etc), and a suggested list of things to pack for the trip. In fact, once you signed-up for a tour, LevArt will send email updates from time to time concerning the tour.
  3. After signing-up for a tour, if unexpected event turned up and barred me from participating, can I pull out from the tour? Can I demand for refund?Depending on the situation, refund policy will be based on a case-to-case review; but in the past, LevArt has come up with several solutions, below are some of the solutions for references only:
    • If you have placed a deposit, and we have yet to proceed with ground arrangements (eg: flight and accommodation booking, ground operator fee, etc), you may transfer the deposit to be used for another LevArt tour (only itinerary published on our website, and depending on availability). However, if we have already proceeded with ground arrangements, the deposit is non-transferable and non-refundable.
    • If you have already settled the full tour fee, and notify us about pulling out within 2 weeks prior to departure, we could help you to submit claims for travel insurance coverage. We usually buy travel insurance for tour members two weeks before departure. However, insurance coverage for tour cancellation or curtailment is only applicable for genuine emergency situation, such as the insured person has an accident/ hospitalized, or the insured person’s immediate family member (limited to parents/ children/ spouse) have been hospitalized, only under these circumstances one is eligible to file for claims application.
    • If you have settled the full tour fee and could not depart as scheduled due to unavoidable circumstances, yet the travel insurance coverage has yet to kick into effect, we shall analyze the situation, calculate the cost that has been spent for making ground arrangements (such as flight & hotel booking, land operator fee, etc), and we shall deduct all cost incurred from the fee you have paid, and refund the remaining to you. However, the deposit sum is non-refundable.


  4. If accident/ unfortunate event happened to me during the tour, will LevArt notify my family members?Prior to departure at the airport, we’ll ask tour members to fill up an emergency contact form, listing down the contact person (and the relationship) and phone number. If emergency or unforeseen events take place during the tour, LevArt shall notify the person you listed in the emergency contact form.


  1. Does LevArt organize private tour according to the dates I want?All the tours published on LevArt website could be catered for private group on a different departure date. However, our tour fee is calculated based on a minimum pax of 10 persons, hence, if a private group has less than the minimum number, the pricing will be re-negotiated. As we have limited human resources, any interested private group please notify us at least three months in advance for preparation. The itinerary for private group will be the same as published on our website. LevArt could not provide custom-made tailored tours.

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