Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I book a tour with LevArt?

A non-refundable deposit (unless tour cancelled by LevArt) is required to confirm your tour booking, the amount is stated in the (price details) of respective tour. You have two options to book:

  1. Via LevArt official website:, pick a tour and pay deposit online to confirm booking.
  2. Email, state the tour you wish to book, provide full name, gender, and mobile contact number. We’ll follow-up with further instructions.

2. How do I pay deposit to secure my booking?

When you booked online via, you have 3 options for deposit payment:

  1. Pay via online banking (Malaysian banks only).
  2. Pay by credit card (additional 2% service charge applied).
  3. Pay by cash or cheque via ATM/ fund transfer/ TT: if you choose this payment method, your pre-booking details will be directed to our email box. We will furnish LevArt’s company banking details via email in 3 working days (exclude weekend). You shall pay the required deposit into the given account by a given due date. Once payment made, you need to email and attach banking slip to for our reference. Your booking will only be confirmed once payment cleared. If failed to meet the given due date, the pre-booking will be cancelled automatically.

3. How do I know if the tour I booked/ interested in is going to depart as scheduled?

All tours published on are clearly marked to show the tour status. There are three types of status:

  1. Booking Open: means the tour is open for booking, still recruiting members and yet to reach the minimum targeted group size to confirm departure.
  2. Confirmed: means the tour has confirmed departure as per the travel date stated.
  3. Full: means the tour is fully booked and closed booking.

4. When will I be notified that the tour I booked has confirmed departure?

The moment we recruited the minimum pax required (min group size stated in each tour), you will receive email notification. If we failed to hit the targeted number by booking deadline (usually 2 to 3 months before travel date), the tour shall be cancelled and deposit paid refund. We will keep you informed about the tour status timely.

5. After I have booked a tour with deposit, when shall I pay the balance fee?

Upon booking deadline stated in each tour, or when the tour is fully booked, we will send email notification for balance collection.

6. After booking confirmation, can I cancel the booking and get refund?

Booking deposit is non-refundable (unless tour cancelled by LevArt). Once a tour has confirmed departure and balance fee collected, cancellation and refund policy is as stated in Terms & Conditions.

7. What are the inclusions and exclusions of the published tour fee?

Tour fee inclusions and exclusions are clearly stated under “Price Details” of each itinerary.

8. Is LevArt tour right for me?

Prior to signing-up, please read through “About Us” carefully and understand who we are, what we do, and our travel concept to decide if you are agreeable to our way of travel.

9. Is there an age limit to participate?

Participant must be aged 16+. Some tours with vigorous outdoor activities (such as trekking, cycling, horse riding trips) may not be suitable for senior citizen. Before signing-up, please consider your fitness level to ensure you could cope with the outdoor activity listed in respective itinerary.

10.Can I sign-up for LevArt tour alone, any single surcharge?

LevArt welcomes people to sign-up alone, the same published tour fee applies for all, there’s no single supplement surcharge. We’ll pair you up for room-sharing with another tour member.

11.I am a foreigner (non-Malaysian), am I eligible to sign-up?

Yes, LevArt welcomes people of different origins. However, some tours require special permit for different nationalities (such as Tibet, border region of India), please check with us via email if unsure.

12.I am based abroad (outside Malaysia), can I fly to the destination country on my own and meet the group on location?

Yes, you may meet the group at the first stop of destination country stated in tour itinerary. Prior to travel date, you will be informed of the designated hotel / contact at the port of arrival.

13.Will there be a pre-departure briefing on preparation needed for the tour?

No, as our tour members are based in various locations. Instead, 1 to 2 months prior to travel date, we will email a preparation checklist, containing basic info about the tour (eg: weather, estimated personal expenses, packing list, etc.). On tour departure day, there’ll be a briefing by tour leader at the airport or upon arrival at destination.

14.Does LevArt organize private tour according to the dates I want?

Yes, possible. All tours published on LevArt website could cater for private group (min 8 – 10 pax) with your choice of travel date. A minimum 3-month notice prior to planned travel date is needed for private group arrangement. Only existing itineraries published on our website are available, LevArt could not provide custom-made private group tour.